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Personalized Perms for Men

Transform your look with confidence at Best Cuts Salon, the premier destination for men’s perms. Our dedicated team of experienced stylists is here to help you achieve the hairstyle you’ve always desired. With our expertise in men’s perms and our commitment to delivering exceptional service, we guarantee a transformative experience that will leave you feeling confident and stylish.

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Men's Perm


Discover the Different Types of Men's Perms:

Body Wave Perm

Men’s Body Wave Perm

Experience the art of effortless style with our body wave perm. Our skilled stylists use larger rods to create loose, natural-looking curls with beautiful movement. Embrace a carefree surfer’s hair vibe and enjoy a more relaxed texture with our expert body wave technique. Best Cuts Salon is your destination for achieving the perfect body wave perm, ensuring you always look your best with a touch of beachy charm.

spiral perm

Men’s Spiral Perm

Experience captivating corkscrew curls with our expert spiral perms at Best Cuts Salon. Our skilled stylists use vertical rolling techniques to create stunning spiral effects, giving your hair a vibrant twist. Elevate your style with our specialized spiral perms at Best Cuts Salon.

Textured perm

Men’s Texture Perm

Achieve an aesthetically pleasing and dynamic hairstyle with our textured perms designed exclusively for men. Our expert stylists skillfully combine different hair lengths, volumes, and textures to create a versatile and eye-catching look that suits your unique style. Whether you prefer a texture perm that enhances waves when wet and offers a relaxed appearance when dry, or a digital perm that showcases prominent waves when dry and loosens when wet, we have the expertise to bring your desired look to life. Let us help you explore different cutting and styling combinations to find the perfect textured perm that matches your individuality at Best Cuts Salon.


Why Choose Best Cuts Salon?

  • Expert Stylists: Highly skilled in men’s perms, our stylists deliver outstanding results tailored to your hair type, face shape, and style.
  • Versatile Styles: Choose from a wide range of perm options, including curls, waves, and textured looks.
  • Personalized Consultations: We prioritize your satisfaction, offering personalized recommendations based on your hair goals and condition.
  • Quality Products: We use top-notch products designed for permed hair, ensuring long-lasting and healthy results.
  • Comfortable Environment: Enjoy a relaxing salon experience with friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Comprehensive Aftercare: Our stylists provide valuable tips to maintain and style your perm, helping it look its best for longer.
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Caring For Your Perm

Caring for Your Perm:

After getting a perm, proper care is essential to maintain its longevity and health. Our stylists can guide you on hair texture support and volume treatment for men, tailored to your specific needs and style.
Here are some essential tips to remember:
Avoid wetting your hair for the first two days after the perm to prevent frizz and potential damage.
Minimize the use of high heat tools like flat irons and blow dryers to prevent further hair damage.
Allow your hair to remain down as much as possible to avoid pressure from ties, clips, hats, or other accessories that could affect the perm’s longevity.
Refrain from using products containing sodium chloride, as they can damage and dry out your hair.
Consider getting a haircut at the same time as your perm to ensure fresh ends that are less prone to splitting.

What is Perm?

What Is a Perm?

A perm is a chemical treatment that transforms straight hair into wavy or curly hair, providing a fresh and stylish new look. It involves altering the structure of hair follicles, though it typically lasts around six months before gradually growing out.
Rediscovering the ’80s Style
The men’s perm, a hairstyle popularized in the ’80s, has made a remarkable comeback, allowing men to experiment with their style and add a touch of fun to their appearance.
Professional Treatment and Cost
For a men’s perm, it is crucial to rely on professional stylists specializing in this treatment to avoid hair damage or chemical burns. The cost can vary but generally falls between $100 and $200.
Preparing for Your Men’s Perm
Before getting a men’s perm, grow your hair out to a suitable length, typically at least an inch and a half. Consulting with a master stylist will provide personalized guidance on the best approach for your hair type and desired outcome.