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Deep conditioning is designed to support the health, hydration, strength and overall appearance of hair for clients, and it should be a regular part of most people’s hair care routine, and  Why Deep Conditioning is a MUST for hair especially right after Bleaching in our salon: 

Deep hair conditioning can help prevent damage to the hair through moisture, texture and penetration of the hair shaft. It helps prevent breakages and split ends, and even for hair that isn’t specifically damaged in the first place, it will help maintain overall health.

Proper moisture quantity is an absolute must for healthy hair, and deep conditioning goes a long way here. These services will contain ingredients like protein, essential oils and water, all of which will help keep the hair moist and comfortable. Without the proper moisture, hair becomes dry and brittle, and the chances of breakage go way up.

Dry, brittle hair is much more prone to snapping and breaking under tension, and that’s never a desirable outcome. Hair needs to be nourished and strengthened to prevent this, and that’s exactly what happens during deep conditioning treatments.

In many cases, hair that appears to have “lost its luster” is really just hair that needs more of the kinds of nutrients a deep conditioning treatment supplies. Daily wear and tear plus product usage can rob your hair of moisture and its signature shine over time, but a deep conditioning treatment will smooth the shaft and get rid of that dryness.

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